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    The Country Time Dance Lines web site is visited by thousands of people from around the world on a daily basis, including dance instructors, choreographers, and line dancers themselves.


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    The monthly "impressions" on this site have grown from 300,000 in December 1997 to 500,000 per month in the year 2000, and now are averaging from 800,000 to 1.2 MILLION per month!. Visitors on this site are very loyal fans of country music and line dancing, and repeatedly visit this award-winning site to find dance step descriptions for  line dances from around the world, information on the top line dance choreographers in the world, dance events, dance cruises, and are joining the Archives section in droves to access the new dance video section.

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    Many of the major web sites on the Internet are charging from 7 cents to 10 cents per impression for the advertising banners on their sites, and/or up to 23 cents per click-through!  At that rate, they are charging tens of thousands of dollars for their ad space and sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! We at Country Time Dance Lines think those figures are totally "out of sight" and unrealistic. In view of that and the fact that we are not "dot com wonders" looking to make our first million dollars any time soon, we have tried to set our advertising rates a good bit lower and a little more realistically so that the average business, website, or dance event could benefit from our targeted audience. However, if some major corporation wants to take the high-profile road and make use of the navigational bars on each page, or sponsor this site exclusively, we would be more than happy to make them a "Godfather Deal" (One they couldn't refuse!) 

    TERMS: All advertising paid in advance at time ad order is placed. We do no billing in order to keep the costs down. Advertiser is responsible for any and all unpaid balance(s) if contract cancelled by web site due to nonpayment and any and all legal or collection fees incurred by CrackerBilly LLC dba: Country Time Dance Lines in an effort to collect monies owed to same. CrackerBilly LLC dba: Country Time Dance Lines, B. Craig Johnson (aka: Dusty Miller), and/or Gloria Johnson cannot be held responsible for any lack of sales or response to any advertising as long as advertising is placed as per agreement and run in good faith in the manner and time agreed upon by the parties. As a matter of courtesy, some advertisers are given additional "free" or "bonus" space at the discretion of the webmaster depending on availability. NO ADULT ADVERTISING. All advertising paid in advance at the time ad order is placed. Trade outs for a portion of the advertising costs would be considered for the following: vacation time, air fare/air miles, certain computer software, imprinted promotional items such as t-shirts, ball caps, etc., pro video, pro audio, or pro lighting equipment. If you have a product or item you may wish to use in a trade, contact Dusty Miller at (386)218-4228 or email him at djdusty@country-time.com

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