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Choreographer Cross-Reference

Number of choreographers
as of June 27, 2017


We are continuing to build cross-reference listings for choreographers and songs. When finished, you will be able to look up a song and all the dances in our Archives for the song, and look up the dances in our Archives done by a particular choreographer. Listings for songs, choreographers and dances will all cross reference. This project will take some time to complete as we are doing it the "old school" way by hand coding each page instead of relying on databases to accomplish the same thing. So please bear with us. We have now finished building the basic choreographer listings and now begins long hard process of adding all the cross-references. Each dance will be opened and the appropriate information will be entered into the music and choreographer pages:

  • Dance pages will link with the choreographers and music pages

  • Choreographer Pages will link to the appropriate dance pages and the music for the dances

  • Music pages will link to the dance pages AND give you an opportunity to purchase the music online through iTunes & Amazon.com

NEW! - If the choreographer's information is out of date, look for the link: Update This Choreographer! That will take you to a form you can use to send the new information into us.





  Last Name: A743 FEB 2017   Last Name: N2914 APR 2014
  Last Name: B2149 SEP 2016   Last Name: O2916 DEC 2016
  Last Name: C1692 OCT 2016   Last Name: P812 FEB 2017
  Last Name: D11424 DEC 2016   Last Name: Q025 AUG 2013
  Last Name: E3916 AUG 2014   Last Name: R10230 APR 2016
  Last Name: F6716 JAN 2016   Last Name: S2203 FEB 2017
  Last Name: G1106 NOV 2016   Last Name: T912 FEB 2017
  Last Name: H1745 FEB 2017   Last Name: U211 DEC 2013
  Last Name: I712 MAR 2016   Last Name: V2928 JUL 2014
  Last Name: J5527 JUN 2017   Last Name: W16823 DEC 2016
  Last Name: K863 FEB 2017   Last Name: X025 AUG 2013
  Last Name: L1149 SEP 2016   Last Name: Y1716 DEC 2013
  Last Name: M20027 JUN 2017   Last Name: Z616 DEC 2013

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