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Instructors On Line

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as of: January 05, 2014


"How To" find the instructors in these Archives...
It's really very easy to navigate through these listings. Firct, look under the country names, then an alphabetical list by state or province will always be on your left. To find the instructor you are looking for, click on the state or province where you want to take lessons. Under that heading will be instructors listed by city or town.

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Helpful Information...

How To... Write A Line Dance
How To... Submit A Line Dance

Coming SOON! Instructor Listings!

Pardon our dust... This area is

We are building new listings for line dance and country couples dance instructors and invite any instructor to submit their information such as name, address, phone, email, a picture or two, and of course a list of their classes. Please make sure that one of the pictures is a "head & shoulders" type picture! Class information should include the old fashioned stuff like, day of week, where, what time, and costs. If you are an instructor and would like your classes and contact information listed here, send that information in an email to djdusty@country-time.com. We will be building a form for you to use in the very near future.

To find an individual instructor and a listing of his or her dance classes, first go to the country listed. Find the state or province where you are and under that heading will be a list of cities and towns with the names of instructors in that area. Listings are sorted alphabetically by last name.