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No matter where you go on the Internet, you find all kinds of information on page after page on millions of sites around the world. Keeping those sites on line is a never ending task when it comes to time and effort, and full (independent) websites like this one, kickit.to, and copperknob are not free and they are not cheap. It costs (in most cases) hundreds of dollars just to pay for the hosting and the domain name. That does not include the costs for programs used to design the site. Throw in just a minimum wage for those folks keeping the site fresh and updated, and the cost jumps significantly to  thousands of dollars per year. If you see a chance on a site to donate even a few dollars to help or become a member, please do so

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This page is open to any independent recording artist who is NOT SIGNED TO A MAJOR RECORD LABEL and who wishes his or her music available to line dancers. The only other requirement is that there MUST be a line dance written for your music.

  1. Send that mp3 as an attachment along with

  2. 1.   The name of the song,

  3. 2.   The artist name,

  4. 3.   The name of the dance written for the song,

  5. 4.   and the name of the choreographer

  6. 5.   If you have the .txt file or .doc file for the dance, we will add that to the Line Dance Archives as well.

Send that information and the attachment(s) to djdusty@cfl.rr.com

The following mp3s are available for download FREE OF CHARGE. Simply right-click on the SONG TITLE and save the mp3 wherever you want to save it on your hard drive. Click on the DANCE NAME to go to that dance step description.
AuburnI Took Your ManMan HandlerGloria Johnson
AuburnNo Matter How LongElectric Cha ChaGloria Johnson & Dusty (Miller) Johnson
CherieBeer Bottle BrownTen I SeeGloria Johnson
CherieCountry City GirlChixGloria Johnson
Cooter Brown BandPure Bred RedneckThe CooterGloria Johnson
Eric ToddFridaynititusMovin' OutGloria Johnson
Great PlainsWolverton Mountain Mountain ManGloria Johnson
Greg WestCountryfiedCountryfiedGloria Johnson
Jim Van Fleet & The ReignRain ManThe Rain ManGloria Johnson
Jason DonovanDream LoverDream LoverDaniel Whittaker
Kimber ClaytonGood Girls Love Bad BoysKimber's TwistGloria Johnson
Mitch AdelmanRedneck LimboCow-LypsoGloria Johnson
Ronnie BeardBody Language (Dance Mix)Body LanguageGloria Johnson
Ronnie BeardLonely And BlueBlue 4 YouGloria Johnson
Sean DennisonAin't Nothin' No One Can DoSetOnUGloria Johnson
Sean DennisonThe Life For MeSetOnUGloria Johnson