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Submitting A Dance

How To Submit A Step Description

FIRST: Read the page entitled "How To Write A Dance Step Description"!

We would like dances submitted to the Country Time Dance Lines Archives to have at least one country music song listed. Please bear in mind that some instructors are not allowed to play non-country music in the clubs where they teach which means that they won't ever teach your dance.

PLEASE include choreographer contact information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, or homepage URL.  

Please include contact information on the person submitting the dance in case we have any questions.

PLEASE, the easiest way to submit a dance is to copy the entire dance and paste it into the form below. You may also submit dances as an attachment in the text file format (either .txt or .rtf), NOT in the format (such as .doc or .wps, etc.) for your specific word processing program such as Word Perfect, Word, etc. The .txt and .rtf file formats are fairly universal to every computer while not every computer has the capability of converting every word processing format. We here at Country Time Dance Lines  do have the capabilities of converting just about any file type, but things get lost when converting from one file type to another (For example the fractions and . change into meaningless symbols). Please DO NOT submit .pdf files from Adobe. Adobe files cannot be converted at all.

We reserve the right to edit dances and correct obvious mistakes to clarify the step description in order to typeset the dance into the Country Time Dance Lines format or to clarify the steps for easy understanding by the reader/dancer. We promise to make every effort to retain the intent of the choreographer, and if necessary will contact the choreographer for approval of any changes before posting the dance to these archives.

Terms Of Submittal

The following are the terms you are asked to agree to when submitting a dance to the Country Time Dance Lines Archives. The submission of a dance to the Country Time Dance Lines Archives is considered to be your agreement of these terms.

TERMS: Submitters and choreographers agree that any step sheets or videos submitted to the Country Time Dance Lines Archives are provided freely and unconditionally. In exchange for this submittal, we at Country Time Dance Lines will reformat the step sheet, remove obvious misspellings and superfluous text, fix noticeable errors, and strive to make the step sheet presentable in the Country Time Dance Lines format. The step sheet will then be made available to any of the subscribers to the Country Time Dance Lines Archives. The submitter agrees to release all further distribution rights for any step sheet or video. That is, the step sheet may be printed from the Country Time Dance Lines website and provided with no financial remuneration to the submitter or choreographer. Also, the step sheet or video may be included on any Country Time Dance Lines Archive CD-ROM, DVD and on any updates available in the Country Time Dance Lines Store, online, or at future dance events and workshops, with no compensation to the submitter or choreographer, financial or otherwise. Line dance step sheets and choreography are protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.


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