You know you're a line dancer if...
you mumble things in your sleep like "one more time!"

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as of: January 12, 2015


"How To" find a dance in the Line Dance Video Archives...
It's really very easy to navigate through these archives. An alphabetical list (A through Z) will always be on your left. To find the dance you are looking for, click on the alphabetical section in the navigational list for the particular dance you are looking for. To the right are 4 columns: TEACH, DEMO, DANCE, and YouTube. Click on the video camera image () for the particular video you want. All videos on this site are in the Windows Media file .avi . - get them all in just one Click!



Irene Groundwater



Electric Cha Cha

Gloria Johnson




James "JP" Potter, Bracken Ellis, and Jodee & Jeremy Oldham


End Of The Road

Rachael McEnaney




"Crazy" Chris Adams



Evergreen Waltz

Connie "Lady C" van den Bos



Everytime I Fly

Sobrielo Philip Gene


Express Yourself

Audrey Gendre




EZ Sally

Kelli Haugen





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