You know you're a line dancer if...
your idea of foreplay
is "5, 6, 7, 8"

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Number of videos listed
as of: January 12, 2015


"How To" find a dance in the Line Dance Video Archives...
It's really very easy to navigate through these archives. An alphabetical list (A through Z) will always be on your left. To find the dance you are looking for, click on the alphabetical section in the navigational list for the particular dance you are looking for. To the right are 4 columns: TEACH, DEMO, DANCE, and YouTube. Click on the video camera image () for the particular video you want. All videos on this site are in the Windows Media file .avi .

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I Ain't As Good As I Once Was

Helen Born & Nita Lindley



I Ain't No Quitter

Helen Born & Nita Lindley


I Ain't No QUitter

Yvonne Anderson



I Can't Be Bothered

Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher



I Don't Know Yet

John H. Robinson



I Eat Cannibals

Mike Yoong


I Found Jesus

Cinta Larrotcha



I Found You

Felicia Tan



I Hear You Knockin'

Jo Thompson Szymanski



I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Barry Durand



I Love The DJ

Bracken Ellis



I Might

Lois Lightfoot



I Only Want To Be With You

Bill Bader



I Play Chicken With The Train

Guyton Mundy


I Wanna Come Home

Doug & Jackie Miranda



If I Only Knew

Setsuko Motoki


If The Shoe Fits

Michele Perron



I'm Alive

Kevin & Rena Ward


I'm Movin' On

Craig Bennett


I'm Movin' On

Setsuko Motoki


I'm With You

Bill Bader & Yvonne Anderson



Imagine In Slippers

Bryan McWherter



In A Dancing Mood

Max Perry



In A Hicktown

Harlan Curtis


In The Doghouse

Alan Haywood


In The Middle

Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher


In The Zone

Joey Warren


In These Shoes

Sam Arvidson





Johanna Barnes




Glen Pospieszny



Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs


Irish Stew

Lois Lightfoot


Islands In The Stream

Robbie Halvorson



It Doesn't Matter

"Crazy" Chris Adams


It Was Only A Paper Moon

Irene Groundwater


It'll Just Take Money

Robbie Halvorson


It's A Heartache

Helen Born, Nita Lindley & Pat Donley




It's Bad Weather

Irene Groundwater


It's So Funny

Gary Lafferty


It's So True

Helen Born & Nita Lindley



I've Fallen And Can't Get Up

John Dembiec





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