You know you're a line dancer if...
you don't fish with a swivel

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as of: January 12, 2015


"How To" find a dance in the Line Dance Video Archives...
It's really very easy to navigate through these archives. An alphabetical list (A through Z) will always be on your left. To find the dance you are looking for, click on the alphabetical section in the navigational list for the particular dance you are looking for. To the right are 4 columns: TEACH, DEMO, DANCE, and YouTube. Click on the video camera image () for the particular video you want. All videos on this site are in the Windows Media file .avi .

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Language of Love

Norman Gifford



Last Cheater's Waltz

Peter Giam


Last Dance

Cinta Larrotcha



The Last Days Of Disco

Michael Barr & John H. Robinson


The Last Samba

Vincent & Felicia Tan


Left Feels Right

Michele Perron


Let It Roll Let It Ride

Debbie "Pepper" Siquieros



Let Me Love You

Doug & Jackie Miranda



Let The Good Times Roll

Mark Cosenza


Let's Party

Robbie Halvorson



Life's A Ride

Alan Haywood



Lightning Cha Cha

Gloria Johnson & Dusty Miller


Like A Dragonfly

Jane Ng


Like I Do

Thomas Phee



Linda Lu 2004

Setsuko Motoki



Little Things

John Dembiec




Living In The Big Time

Robbie Halvorson


Locked Up

John Dembiec





Irene Groundwater



Lonesome Cry

John Dembiec




Lonestar Bump

Gloria Johnson


The Long & Short Of It

Peter Harkness & Liz Clarke




Long Black Train

Helen Born & Nita Lindley



Loosen Up

Larry Bass



Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do

Helen Born & Nita Lindley



Louisiana Man

Robbie Halvorson


Love Aloud

Masters In Line



Love Bug

Roy Verdonk, Yukiko Ohashi, & Kanako Motoki



Love Certified

Yvonne Anderson & Mark Cosenza



Love Is In The Air

Roy Verdonk & Raymond Sarlemijn


Love Struck Groove

John H. Robinson



Love This Bar

Helen Born & Nita Lindley



Lovely Hula Hands

Irene Groundwater



Karen Katrea




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