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as of: January 12, 2015


"How To" find a dance in the Line Dance Video Archives...
It's really very easy to navigate through these archives. An alphabetical list (A through Z) will always be on your left. To find the dance you are looking for, click on the alphabetical section in the navigational list for the particular dance you are looking for. To the right are 4 columns: TEACH, DEMO, DANCE, and YouTube. Click on the video camera image () for the particular video you want. All videos on this site are in the Windows Media file .avi .

AVG Internet Security 2015


Natural Selection

Guyton Mundy




Johanna Barnes



Naughty Girl

Allen Koh & Helen Chia


Never Again

Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher



New Kid On The Block

Laight Thomas, Shawn Christopher, & Sobrielo Philip Gene



Newcomer Cha

Brian Barakauskas


Next Time You Fall In Love

Irene Groundwater




Gloria Johnson

Night Moves

Gloria Johnson


Nitty Gritty

Irene Groundwater



No Blues

Connie "Lady C" van den Bos




No Cost

Barry Durand



No More Excuses

Mark Cosenza


No Name

Cinta Larrotcha


No One Like Me

John Dembiec




No Place To Go

Ann Woods


Not In Love

Barry Durand


Not Missing You

Alan Haywood


Not Your Average Girl

Lou & Kay Ecken



Nothing On But The Radio

Norman Gifford



Now That I Found You

Setsuko Motoki




John Dembiec





Joseph Woon




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