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The Longest Line Dances

Originally we listed dances taken from Julian Gothard's LINE & COUNTRY & WESTERN DANCE & MUSIC FAQ, however in later years we have found that list to be inaccurate. Some of the original dances were actually "phrased" dances where sections were repeated. We have decided to make a change. We are typesetting a number of dances with a minimum of 192 steps that do not follow the pattern of "phrasd" dances. The longest dance we have found is 616 counts long! Watch for this list to begin changing.

Which Is The Longest Line Dance?

Kickin' Back6164 WallAdvThadeus J. Terzo
She Loves Me408 AdvSteve Yoxall
Entertain Me384  Sheri Gay
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!380 AdvMax Perry
Shuffle On Down3521 Wall Louise Hodson
Too Far Gone3321 WallAdvIan Dunn
Time Marches On3281 WallAdv IntJean Marcham
Slave To The Habit3264 WallAdv IntDiana Randall
A Little Less Talk321AdvLittle Joe
Yo-Yo (Exhibition Version)3194 WallAdvJohn & Patty Elliott
Not A Cha Cha3162 WallIntDenny Leclerc
Outta Love2764 WallAdv IntLisa & Joe Mason
Macavity2724 WallAdvLinda Lenhardt
Slappin' Country2724 WallAdvGeorge & Estella Haines
Hell's Lindy2561 WallAdvDarren "Daz" Bailey & Lana Williams
A Honky Tonk Christmas2441 WallAdvLouise Hodson
Honky Tonk Christmas244  Louise Hodson
Hippy Hippy Shake2401 WallIntLinda Downey
Street Walk2401 WallAdvDeborah Crew
Grand Old Flag2211 WallIntHelen Born & Nita Lindley
Cowgirl Attitude2082 Wall Elspeth Allen
Spanish Gypsy Dance208Easy IntMax Perry
All I Want For Christmas Is You1961 WallEasy IntSally Hung