You know you're a line dancer if...
a trashy woman is a dance, not someone you pickup in a bar

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Every site has a favorite links section, and is no exception. This section is in the process of expanding and being redesigned. There are now hundreds of sites listed and more bring added every day. To find a link, just look it up alphabetically. If you know of a site which is not listed or is no longer online, please send that information to 

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D2D Creations


Dance America


Dance Corner



Dance Dictionary


Dance Direct



Dance Floor Online


Dance Freak


Dance Geek



Dance Inline-Online


Dance Line Canada (Yahoo group)


Internet news group

Dance Nation



Dance on a Line

Somerset (UK)


Dance Reno



Dance with Marg










Dancin' Baer



Dancin' Daze (Shrop)


Dancin' Up a Storm

Missouri (USA)

Choreographer/Instructor Karen Hedges 

Dancin' U.S.A.


Nightclub listing

Dancing At Flirts



Dancing DJ



Dancing Down Under



Dancing Feet



Dancing In Kansas

Kansas (USA)


Dancing In Ottawa

Ottawa (Canada)


Dancing In Wisconsin

Wisconsin (USA)


Dancing Mel



Dancing Nomads

Wales (UK)


Dancing Texas



Dare 2 Dance



David & Janets's Couples and Partner Dances


Davie Junction

Florida (USA)


D C Dancenet




Dance club

DDM Promotions


Linda de Ford

Florida (USA)


De Fynske Line Dancers



George DeVirgillio

Mesa Valley, AZ (USA)


Dean Bros


Recording artists

Debs Boots



Deep in the Heart of Texas


Dance step library

Linda DeFord



Desperados Country

Florida (USA)




Diamante Designs


Diamonds in the Rough



Diamond Jack


Dick & Geneva's


Dixie Chix (Bolton)


Dixie Diamonds Duo



Dixie Liners

Essex (UK)





DNL Disco


Double Country


Double H Promotions (Hols)


Double Trouble



DoubleM CM Club




Scotland (UK)


Duane's online Dance Lessonsl


Dynamite Dot