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Where We Are Teaching:Tuesday Evening:
Time: 7:00 - 9:00PM
C-Note Entertainment Center
1301 Canal Street; New Smyrna Beach, FL
Monthly Dance Party:The last Saturday
Time: 7:00 - 11:00 PM
C-Note Entertainment Center
1301 Canal Street; New Smyrna Beach, FL

Gloria & Dusty (Miller) Johnson are back in a club, teaching, are now available for select dance events, workshops, and seminars on the weekend!

That's right...
Gloria and Dusty are now available for workshops & seminars, and they want to come to YOUR club or dance hall! No longer are they tied down to a nightclub four or five nights a week! They're ready to do some traveling on the weekends!

cdms.gif (7986 bytes)It was this interaction between the two of them that earned them the title "DJ/Dance Instructor Team Of The Year" at the Country Dance Music Seminar & Awards in Nashville in April of 1996! Now they're bringing it to your club!

What do you get for your money? (After all, it's not "free"!) You get Gloria Johnson, one of America's top line-dance choreographers doing the dance instruction and her husband Dusty Miller doing the DJ work for an intense four to six hour workshop. They bring their own wireless microphones and plug into your house sound system. They even bring the music they need to teach with all on a laptop computer.

YOU can be the first in your area to book this dynamic duo of country dance! Gloria teaches the dances... Dusty does the DJ bit... and they quip back and forth constantly! Everyone in the audience is fair-game for their fun! EVEN YOU! You never know what they're going to say or do next! It's not JUST a work-shop, they make it FUN!

What's the cost, you say? Not all that bad... Let's compare traveling instructors and choreographers to recording artists. Like a recording artist some instructors are just trying to "break in" and will work for peanuts or even "free" just to get the exposure, while others are well established and command top dollar. The more "hits" an artist has had, the more money they charge to do a concert. Every time they get an award, their price edges up. The same holds true for a traveling choreographer or instructor. We've seen instructors work literally for free, and we know of several that reportedly get anywhere from $600 to $1,000, plus transportation, plus accommodations. Gloria and Dusty are somewhere in the middle. It depends on what day of the week you want to do the workshop, and how far away it is. There is also a discount if you can help them find a second club to do a second workshop in on the same trip. On the average, it will cost $250 to $300 for the 4 to 6 hour workshop, plus a motel room, and mileage from Daytona Beach at 27.5 per mile. Gloria and Dusty would rather drive. It gives them a chance to do a little sightseeing and it's cheaper than trying to fly two people, even in business class.

If you should need a sound system too...
And, if you are not in a nightclub, they can even supply the sound system! Dusty uses a large 175 watt Fender portable sound system on board cruise ships which works great in smaller venues. Of course, if Dusty brings his "big" DJ system, there's an added expense.

A "Sunshine Sunday" SPECIAL!
If you are within 300 miles of Daytona Beach, we've got a "Sunshine Sunday" special for you. A "flat rate" of $300 for a five hour workshop plus a motel room. No mileage charge. This rate is good for a workshop on Saturday or Sunday within 300 miles of Daytona Beach (roughly Miami to the south, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Tallahassee to the west, and from Hilton Head, SC across southern Georgia to Columbus).  

Call TODAY for more information!

To request information on workshops, seminars, or dance events featuring Gloria Johnson and Dusty Miller...  

CALL Dusty at 
(386)218-4228 (Home)

cheyenne1.gif (33947 bytes)"We call Gloria and Dusty first whenever our regular instructor has to be away from the Cheyenne Saloon at Church Street Station. Their professionalism sets them apart from many others. We know we can trust them with our customers and our sound equipment."
   - Brenda Buck
     (Facility Manager)
     Cheyenne Saloon
     Church Street Station
     Orlando, FL
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"You two made it so much fun! Your patience with my dancers and your fun attitude made your workshop a smashing success. When can you come back?"
- Carolyn Robinson (Owner)
   Silver Saddle Dance Hall - Emerald Isle, NC


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